History of the Woodstock Radio Controlled Flying Club

As told by WRCFC founding members George Ens and Tony Paladino;

In early October of 1949 the YMCA director asked if I would be interested in organizing a model airplane club for boys 8-14 years of age. I selected these models with different skill level in building.

With help from the drafting department at Standard Tube Company (where I was employed) the plans were traced from magazines and duplicated for the boys use.  With the three levels of skill required, instruction in building a much simple task, the materials- balsa wood, wheels, propellers and glue were purchased in bulk to keep the cost down to less than a dollar a plane.  The boys were charged a dollar and we usually had 25-30 in attendance every Wednesday night during the winter months. These designs were used level 1, 2, and 3.

The Woodstock Rotary Club purchased the materials and provided the trophies for the “ Fly Off ’’ that was held in May. The club was called The Y Rotary Model Aero Club.

I joined Model Aeronautics Association of Canada (M.A.A.C.) early in 1950.  I received number 681; I didn’t like the “ balance” of a 3-digit number as I received 1289.

The Y Rotary Model Aero Club continued until the mid 50’s. The club was also active as part of the Fisher Glen YMCA Boys Camp, for three summers, where we built rubber power models and hand launch gliders.

During the 60’s the YMCA building was relocated and during the same time frame control line-flying interest took over from free flight interest.  With the temporary loss a meeting place and modelers now buying kits and motors the name of the club was changed to the Woodstock Model Airplane Club. The Standard Tube Company helped out again by giving the club permission to fly control line on their property where there was perfectly level grass field about two acres, (the original site of the Woodstock Fairgrounds in early 1900). All that was required was mowing; the company installed a gate so we were able to set up tables and benches.

The Woodstock Model Airplane Club hosted Control Line contest during the late 50’s and early 60’s.

The contest was held at South Side Park and or the Standard Tube site. (The site was at the end of Bexley Street). The competitors came from Windsor, Niagara Falls, London, Toronto and parts between.

In the late 60’s when Radio equipment became more dependable many of the past members were getting involved in R/C flying.  For a number of years we had to have an amateur radio license to fly radio control model airplanes.  During the late 60’s the Department of Communication granted us the use of 5 frequencies on the 72 MHZ and with the purchase of an operating license  ($15.00).

In early 1972 more frequencies were made available, and the fee was waived.  The number of local flies increases, again reflecting the change as to the type and style of flying the name of the club was change in 1972 to the WOODSTOCK RADIO CONTROL FLYING CLUB.

The Club now rent from the Upper Thames Conservation Authority and has a flight training progress in effect. A Wing Training program where all new in the hobby are trained in safe flying and all model aircraft are checked for safe operation.